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Patreon Reviews Top Creators and How To Get More Patrons Free Video Tutorial 2014
View the top Patreon creators reviewed and see what you can learn to get more patrons in this free video tutorial! Read more at and see my Patreon page at You can find the top Patreon creators, see the highest paid, get tips for creating a successful Patreon page, find Patreon creators to sponsor, see who is most popular on Patreon, and increase your pledges each month using the information on this page! You can search Patreon and sort by top creators easily using these links. The benefit of using this link is that it is live but the downside is that actually digging deeper into finding the top creators is difficult since you can only search by type and not overall. To see overall, visit Top Patreon Creators making videos. Tips for creating a successful page based on reviews of top Patreon creators. Getting started seems to be challenging for most people and growing seems challenging for everyone. The majority of creators on Patreon have a very small number of patrons and I am among them. After building an audience of millions of people and just finding out about Patreon, I launched my Patreon page and worked hard to get to $50 per video. I asked my wife, my mom, and my friends first to contribute. Thankfully, my wife and Mom did contribute but none of my friends did. They did not see the value my page offered them. Since then, no one else has and I have been frustrated with figuring out what I could do better. My thinking is that if I want to have a great Patreon page, I need to learn what is working for other people, what is not, and spend a little bit of effort each day to grow my Patreon audience. Today, I have spent a lot of time learning what I can do to be successful on Patreon and hope by sharing that with you, we all can do better. I now am sharing my Patreon page everywhere and have defined a clear value on in as to why people should contribute. The biggest opportunity I see for all of the popular and unpopular Patreon pages alike is to more clearly communicate the exact value offered to people that contribute. Some people have fans that love them so much that they contribute without offering hardly anything but more creative work in return. For most of us, I do not think that approach will work given the amount of people with hardly any patrons. I at least am sure I can only get more patrons by very clearly offering value to everyone that contributes. The place most every Patreon page missing out on is in offering actionable and ongoing rewards of significant value. Nearly every page offers fan extras exclusively which mostly consist of a chance to get closer to the artist. The problem is that for people that do not know the artist already, why should they want to contribute more than the minimum? Some pages have awesome creativity in rewards that fans clearly appreciate but I only found three profiles that offered a direct actionable reward. I am now offering that same type of reward on my page and I contributed immediately to the pages I found offering these rewards. What is the best reward you can offer on your Patreon page? I am offering it now on my Patreon page and I think the best reward you can offer is to share your audience with your patrons. This is worth a lot to me because I can imagine the ongoing value for growing my audience by gaining access to other another creator’s audience. You can share an audience by offering links on your YouTube channel, posts on Facebook, or any other way that you can share your audience with a patron. I immediately contributed to three people I found today that offered me a link on a popular YouTube channel in one of their higher rewards. You can see who on my profile and see that the majority of the value I offer is in sharing audiences. Read more at and contribute to my Patreon page at
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