Patreon reward updates
Hello Patrons!

You're probably wondering what that is in the photo. Those are stickers featuring the Autransi family crest. They are very good quality, and substantial - 4" across. Why have I made such a thing? Well, consider the photo a teaser serving as encouragement to get through this rather long email. :)

I'm always trying to figure out ways to make things cooler for you, O Patrons, and I have recently implemented two changes I believe you'll like. They've been in place for a few weeks now as I was still quietly expanding on them, but here's my official unveiling!

Firstly, an upgrade to my ebook distribution. I'm now using the BookFunnel service to send ebooks to my subscribers. This means you can download whatever file format you need via the single link I send you - and BookFunnel provides support if you need help getting the file onto your device. This service costs me a yearly fee so I hesitated a while before committing, but I have no regrets at all. Your patronage paid for this infrastructure improvement, which has made my life a lot easier. So, thank you!

Secondly and far more importantly! I've revamped my entire Patreon reward system! Ah, it's so much better. Subscribers at the $5/month level and higher will now receive monthly points to save up and redeem for rewards of their choice. This is in my opinion a huge improvement over the awkwardly restrictive plan of having a fixed reward (a paperback, a piece of art, etc) for each subscription tier. For one thing, I want to offer more diverse rewards - such as stickers! - and also provide flexibility to take into account your individual tastes.

I can't take credit for this scheme - I saw it on the Patreon page of author Wen Spencer and, well, never let it be said I will not steal a brilliant idea as soon as I spot it.

Here's how the points will accrue:

  • Silver tier ($5) = 20pts a month
  • Electrum tier ($15) = 60pts a month
  • Gold tier ($25) = 100pts a month
  • Adamantium tier ($50) = 150pts a month*
  • Dilithium tier ($100) = 300pts a month
  • Trilithium tier ($1000) = 3000pts a month

(Adamantium and higher tiers get an extra, exclusive Halloween story, which is the reason for the irregular point distribution. Because y'all are smart[...asses] and I know someone was going to ask. ;))

When setting point values, I tried to make sure all subscriber levels could get neat things without having to wait forever for points to accumulate (or conversely, watching points add up uselessly). Here are examples of a few things available in the store:

  • additional ebook downloads to give as gifts
  • stickers featuring the Autransi family crest
  • signed paperbacks
  • get me to send you a postcard!
  • get me to make you custom book recommendations!
  • original, one-of-a-kind art
  • custom art just for you!
  • choose a book for me to review
  • ask me questions over video chat
  • get me to write a story based on your prompts!
  • and more....

You can check out the store here:

You don't have to keep track of your points. Right now there's no way for you to look them up (since I calculate them in a spreadsheet - nothing fancy), but I'll send around an email every April and every October telling you how many you currently have and poking you to check out the reward store. I will mail out goodies in batches around May 1st and November 1st.

Since it's just now October, watch your email for an update telling you your current point balance!

If you have any questions, please drop me a line any time at [email protected].

Aaaand I'm done. Sorry this was so long. Until next time, take care!

Emma <3