Patreon Reward Mailings and Optional Convention Pickup
Hi all! So some of you have arrangements with me where I'll combine and send out monthly rewards in order to save on postage/hassle- and with convention season upon us, I know I'll be seeing a lot of you very soon! I want to be sure you guys have the option to pick up your rewards at con if you'd like. At present I'm confirmed for ECCC (attendee), BABSCon, Everfree NW, BronyCon, and BronyCAN. Some of these are obviously much closer than others, so if you're going to one of the later cons I'll still be mailing rewards until then unless otherwise arranged (I'm not too picky!) But if you'd like me to combine monthly packages and/or bring your rewards with me to a con it would help greatly to know in advance- you can either comment below or email me privately and I'll log it in a spreadsheet! Thanks guys! I really appreciate your patience- I promise any delays aren't without good reasons, I'm just not allowed to talk about them just yet!! <3