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Hi ! Please if you haven't received your 10 first patreon reward (a special sketch send to you) please contact me in any way possible so I can thank you for your support !
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 ☽  Thanks for supporting me through this new beginning ☾ 

 ✦ First 10 Patrons will get a small artwork as a thank you send to them (if they do wish it) [3/10] ✦ 

 ✦ Several exclusives sketches each months posted here on Patreon and nowhere else   

 ✦ At least one exclusive painting/finished artwork each months posted here and only on Patreon 

 ✦ Step-by-step of the Patreon exclusive artwork or sketch each months

 ✦ Patreon exclusive sketchbook tour as videos or pdf scanned file (depends on how I can do it) when I finished a sketchbook

 ✦  More Sneak peeks and WIP for you on what I'm currently working on

 ✦  Access my project(s) progresses  (wip/sneak peek/sketches/artworks/comics) - currently Moon(s) -

✦ [At 20 Patrons] Patreon exclusive lottery each months to win a sketch or painting 

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