Patreon Reward #2
So here is the Second part of the Patreon rewards. This list for the person who donated the most to me (in either currency or even other ways) for the month. And aside from their names being on here and the previous list ( see here:… ), people who make it onto this list will receive a free picture by me. The choice of picture is either a full B/W picture (max. 2 characters unless I decide that the idea is alright to exceed) or 1 character half-body portrait with flat colors. Like the previous list I'll will either update it every week and month to show everyone who watches me your names and receive credit for helping my comic. If you would like to, you may donate to me via Patreon ( ) or paypal (… ) Also, I won't reveal it just yet but if you follow the pattern you can guess what the third reward could be. And it is given to the person who has gained the most Donator of the Month Slots ... XD So far we the people who attained this honor are: