Patreon Reward Photos
Hello, everyone! 

We're so delighted to have just launched on Patreon - what an amazing platform! In this post are some pictures that will help to understand the types of rewards a patron will receive:

The photo that includes 9 bowls represent the type of  Gallery (G+) pieces backers at the $35 and above will receive. Some of the woods shown in this photo are black walnut, buckeye burl, koa, desert ironwood, butternut, black cherry, bigleaf maple burl, & purpleheart. Current bowl reward sizes can vary between 2" - 3" in diameter and 1"-3" in height.

The photo of the 4 bowls are types of the Rustic (R) bowls. In this particular photo, the woods shown are eastern red cedar, black walnut and black cherry. Current bowl reward sizes can vary between 2" - 3" in diameter and 1"-3" in height.

The last photo with a block of wood and some smaller rectangular pieces are types of pieces associated with the Wood Book. You would receive 2 pieces similar to size and shape shown here. A hole will be drilled through one end in order to attach it to an O-ring, airplane cable, string, or whatever you desire. We will provide you with an initial ring for this purpose, but of course, you can use the pieces however you like!

Lastly, Patreon is we're premiering a new line of bowls designated as Rustic (R) in addition to the Gallery (G+). The difference between Rustic & Gallery is in the shape, feel and finish. Both bowl lines start with a bowl blank on the lathe that is roughed out and sanded. Rustic bowls are only given this initial sanding, leaving the wood smooth yet a little but rough to the touch. This is the kind of bowl that would have been used in earlier centuries before metals were used for dishes. With Gallery bowls, the sanding continues through many grits until the wood is smooth as silk. Both bowl lines then go to the finishing stage where a specially blended food-safe finish is applied. Rustic bowls receive one application to seal the wood. Gallery bowls go through multiple applications. At this point, Rustic bowls are finished and move to the showroom. Gallery bowls, however, return to the lathe for a 2-step buffing process that brings the finish to high-gloss shine, showcasing the wood it protects.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know - as new creators, we look forward to hearing feedback!


David & Stephanie