Patreon Reward changes for August!
Hello boys and girls!

Today I would like to announce a change in the rewards for my Patreon campaign. I was suspecting that I had to do this eventually but things moved around much faster than I anticipated. I already hinted on that I would be part in the development of a bigger game - aside from my QA contracts, DXX-Rebirth and Cold Hearts - and it's picking up speed now. As a result, I have to change up the rewards a little bit to stay on track.  Additionally, I wasn't really happy with the $10 reward as I could only provide these previews regularly if I'd produce videos monthly. 

So here's what I have planned:

$1 reward: stays the same with the exception that I will remove the "your name in the credits"-part. None of the Patrons claiming this reward opted for their name/handle in the credits. And that humbles me even more, seeing your great support either way.

$5 reward: stays the same.

$10 reward: When I started DXX-Rebirth, I initially didn't take any donations for it. Instead, I asked if users from all over the world would want to send me postcards from where they live. I intend to give a spin on this and I'll send you postcards from my own vacations... in the virtual world. Every month, I'll send you a picture of me inside a game I really like together with a small dedication.

$20 reward: stays the same.

$50 reward: I will have to cancel this for the time being due to the game project I am involved in. I loved to do these writeups and the Pixel Art especially but given the time frame, I am not sure if I could deliver the sort of quality I would be happy with. 

And that's pretty much it. :)

I'll update the rewards on the Patreon page on September 1st. Of course if you have any questions or feedback, shoot me a message. Either via Patreon message or in the comments below. Never hesitate - NEVER. :)