Patreon Reward Changes!
Heya folks! Just wanted to give a heads-up that I'll be revising my Patreon rewards to better reflect my Patreon update habits. After several months, I've run across a few kinks and realize I cannot run my Patreon exactly as initially planned. At least not right now. To be more specific, I had originally intended to create .pdf copies of my monthly sketchbook, but am unable to for technical reasons. (My Adobe Acrobat no longer works for some reason??) I still intend to make my sketchbook available via .jpg files, though I debate whether or not I should distribute them via Patreon post or privately. Opinions on the matter are welcome! What do you guys prefer? I also originally liked the idea of a raffle as a reward, but due to Patreon's business location, raffle rewards count as illegal gambling. I thought to try sketch suggestions as an alternative, but lately have thought a free raffle open to anyone might be an easier solution. Though, I do have to look into the legality of free, public raffles. Finally, I had originally intended to focus more on writing tutorials and creating download content, but the effort required to do so each month takes too much time from my other projects. I would still like to do these things, but until they are part of my regular routine, I'd rather not expressly list them in reward descriptions. Any tutorials I do create will still be available first to my Patrons, though! So, all that being said, what will the future reward tiers look like? Not very different, practically speaking. I will still have a public feed, $2 personal projects feed, $5 sketchbook feed, and special $10 feed. For now, I'll be keeping Suggest-a-Sketch rewards, but this may change in the future. If it does, it will be replaced with either a public raffle or possibly some other art reward. The $10 tier will perhaps see the greatest changes. Practically speaking, since I haven't had any WIP tutorials or download content to share in recent months, it won't be different. But as I mentioned already, I'd rather remove those items from the listed rewards until creating them actually becomes routine. In the meantime, I'd love to hear suggestions on alternative rewards! I want to make sure this tier is still extra special! As a replacement reward for $10 patrons, I am toying with the idea of mailing doodle postcards, offering feedback for patrons of this level, etc. What do you folks think? Thanks for reading! M. Fredette