Patreon Rewards Changes - Please Read
Hey there!

Let me first thank you for the continuous support each month! Without it, it would have simply be impossible to do what I do and keep providing tutorials on the scale I do them today.  To me it's important my videos don't have a price tag and that's why you don't see them in paid educational sites, even if we can go head to head with their quality. As the channel evolves though, some things need to evolve as well. 



tl;dr : Next month, the $1 reward tier is discontinued.

 Affecting only new patreons, the $5 reward is moved on the $10  tier. 


Some numbers to help understand why:

Currently (May 5th), there's 20 videos available for early view in my Patreon page, with a lot more to come. On average I add 2 more videos per week (This week alone it's been 4).

So that means on the $1 reward, their cost goes for

1 / 20 = $0.05 per video.  

On average for each video I'm working on, it's about 2-4 hours. But let's count it as 2. So:

0.05 / 2 =  $0.025

If we were taking it by 4 hours then

0.05 /4 =  $0.12

Realistically though, if we take into account the resources I have to make for each project, that aren't just the scripts, the hours i'm actually working are double and triple that on occasion. 

So, I hope it's really clear that under this prices it's impossible to operate and because I want to continue making and maintaining large scale projects like the climb system,the TPS project and the new ones i'm working on and after much consideration and many months of thought. I decided to discontinue the $1 tier rewards. 

As for the $5 rewards, let me explain that this doesn't affect you and it's only for new Patreons (From May 5th and onwards). You still have and will have access to the google folder with all the scripts and the discount codes you have.

Number wise:

300 videos on an average of 10-20 scripts per video.

$5 / (300 * 10) = $0.0016 per script.

Assuming it's 10 scripts, for example the TPS Beta project alone has around 50+ scripts. 

So hopefully you can see where the changes are coming from and most importantly why. If you have any concerns / suggestions / worries feel free to be vocal about them in the comments below.

Best regards


p.s If you don't remember your discount codes or the google folder link, then please contact me if the changes affected you in any way.