Patreon Commissions (Rewards), Again
Now that I got a major project out of the way, I'm going back down the ol' reward notepad. Those of you who haven't gotten your sketch/thingie yet, or have yet to bring it up, feel free to now. Don't just send "yeah me," or something, just send me a description of the thing you want. If you had been at a reward level and dropped down, it may be helpful to mention what month it was. (That stuff gets complicated.) I still have a couple of people left over from the first round to get to. I'll also mention I don't bring this up much just so whenever I send out an alert, people don't just ignore it. I know some patreon creators put up so many things that it just creates a flood of meaningless alert notices people don't even use. When I say something, it's unimportant. But importantly so. I have a headache, what do you want from me.