Patreon Offenders + Rewards Update Mechanics
So recently I just noticed because I checked my email this morning, there have been a total of 3 people pledging to access my content and downloads then un-pledging after.

Patron who pledged / download / unpledge:

-and su



I'm really pissed that they do it like that even tho I already told everyone the content will go out. Part of the reason why people get early access is to test out and report the content if there are any bugs or issues.

Starting this month, I will personally send each patreon the files that will be released.

New Patreons will have to provide proof first to be able to get a link for the download.

3 Official Patrons, this people will get a private pm of every new mod that will be release

- Jeff Fish

- Nicholas Ford

- DarkNova

For New Patron members, All releases + new ones you will get them on the 5th of the month or next 5th of the month if you pledge late. After that first 5th of the month you will be now added to "Official Patron List" where you get the content via PM instantly. That will last forever after the first month.