💗 Patreon Rewards List + QnA

By supporting Modding Legacy, all supporters will receive benefits for helping us out. We will continue to keep adding more perks for supporters as we grow and this list will be updated with time.

We have our Patron’s names included in a list that we can dynamically update included in all of our mods pull from to reward them for supporting.

If you are a supporter, please send us your Minecraft username so that we can include you in the list. 

All patrons will receive the following:

The Conjurer Credits in Admission Book

In the theatre, if you look in the admission office, you’ll find a lectern with a list of 8 random names from the list of supporters and developers. The names on the list are in random order every time you find a new theatre. 

Surrounding Indicators Orange Display Name

All supporters will have an orange name displayed to everyone that uses the mod. A simple aesthetic for supporting.


Q: Where do the funds go?

A: Right now, we use the funds and then the rest out of our pocket to pay for our Dedicated Server. Patreon is helping us pay off the server. Every dollar counts! Our Dedicated Server hosts the following:

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