Patreon Rewards - Promo Codes!!! Anime Addict Level!
Hey guys!  So we are not doing passwords any longer.  We are now using discount codes.  You take your code and use it on our new website to create a free account which will  unlock the pages which contain your content.   We also have a new line of podcasts, HOBBY ADDICTS, which is also available on the website.  

The code the way to use it are both listed below.  Please enjoy and thank you for continuing to support us!

Discount code -     3535C95D38


Change can be stressful, we get it. While it can be annoying to learn a new process we hope that you find our new system for accessing Patreon content simple and a much better overall experience than before.

Gone are the dozens of annoying passwords. Now, you use your forum login, or register for a new account, 



When logged in, navigate to the "

Join the AAA

" page.

Navigate to the membership equal to your Patreon tier ($1, $3, $5, or $7) and click "Sign up". This will take you to the checkout page:

Since you are paying through Patreon, you will need to "Click here to enter your discount code":

If you input the discount code correctly, you'll notice that the fee for the membership will be dropped to 0 and the code will expire in the amount of days there are in the month:

Every month we will be sending you new discount codes. Every discount code will have a limited number of uses equal to the number of Patrons we have in each tier (this can be edited for fluctuation throughout the month). We are also able to see which codes are being used by which users. In other words - no sharing these codes outside of Patreon ;)

When your code expires, you will need to return to Patreon to get your new code.

Once you are logged into your tier you will be able to access all content associated with it throughout the site. This automatically includes all updates.

Love you all!