Patreon Rewards Portraits
I paint a watercolor and ink portrait of every one of my patrons, unless they request I do not paint them. These portraits take from five to forty five minutes to make, depending on how much the donor gives per month. The above nine portraits are samples of paintings I have created for rewards.

How to Get Your Portrait Painted

Step One: Donate at least one dollar a month to my Patreon. 

Step Two: Send me a reference image to use for the portrait.

That's it! For one dollar, I will make a unique watercolor painting of you. For ten dollars a month or more, I will ship the painting to you. If you would like to jump up to $10 a month for shipping, then jump back down to a lower tier after the $10 payment is processed, I will still ship the painting to you! 

I am grateful for every dollar donated.  Just be sure to send me a reference image and we're good to go.


Commissions, paid illustrations, and gallery deadlines come first. Rewards portraits are finished between one and four months after a donor's first payment is processed. 

IF you would like your painting sooner, please say so when you send me your reference image. I have no trouble painting these portraits on a deadline. They just do not take precedent over other work unless by request. Usually the portrait is painted within one month of your first payment processed, but sometimes (especially around the holidays) it takes me longer. I like to work on these in bulk, so I wait until three or four portraits are waiting before sitting and down and creating rewards.  This is my usual process, but again, if you would like your reward quickly only say the word. 

Being clear with my patrons is a priority to me, which is why I make monthly spending report updates.  If you have any questions at all about rewards, being a patron, or my art do not hesitate to ask.