Patreon rewards + new patrons!
Hey everyone =D It's good to see some new faces this month!

I am looking forward to drawing all your characters and everything, it's going to be a good month.

Here's an imgur folder with all last month's rewards, and my two personal pieces at the end as well:

Please email me with what character you want drawn (unless it's the same as always) at "[email protected]" with the subject line "Patreon reward." Include your Patreon name in the email, please =)

I've been requested to make a tutorial on how I use references to learn to draw new things, so that will be published at some point this month too. My fan art will prooobably be one of the new Pokemon announced yesterday from Sun & Moon (dat Ninetails tho), and my personal art - I've already started it, just struggling a bit with the shading =D

Thanks again everyone, I'm so happy to see some new faces. And if anyone has ideas for different rewards I could make I'd be happy to hear it!

Have a good evening/morning/whatever and thank you all for your pledges!!!