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Hey guys! Lately I've been considering updating/revamping the 20.00 reward tier. I've noticed that over the past couple years my health and what I can handle has slightly declined, so I've been trying to think up rewards that wouldn't take too much time away from the comic. I do however want to note that all reward tiers will be retroactive, meaning you can still claim the old rewards if you were a patron prior to the change. Also, even if you're not at the 20.00 tier I would still really appreciate any feedback on these choices as I want to try to figure out what is most appealing to the masses.

Chatacter Commission with Simple BG: for $20+ patrons that have paid for minimum of 4 months. (The added time helps me space out the work so I don't get bogged down). The cost adds up to $80.00 which is my standard rate for a full body character pic with color.

2010 Prologue Printed: I have some books leftover from a convention a couple years back and they are really high quality. I probably won't be ordering anymore so this would be a limited reward tier. I would need the patron's address to send this out as it's a phyiscal reward.

11x17 Posters: $20+ patrons will have choice of 2 posters that will be sent in the mail. If I end up going with this choice I will likely make a milestone to get more posters printed for future rewards.

Custom Terra Character Sketch Card sent in the mail: For this reward I would send out a signed tradional sketch of any Terra character you like.

I still haven't fully decided which one I'm going to go with and I may have to buy some supplies before I make any of these official. I just wanted to get an idea of what people would like to see before I make any final decisions. 

Character Commission

2010 Prologue Book

11x17" Posters

Terra character Sketch Card

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