Patreon Portraits: Sasha R. Jones
I'm having so much fun doing drawings for my supporters on patreon! I'm restructuring the rewards on here and in the meantime I'm doing a complimentary drawing for all my patrons new and old. So now would be a good time to sign up if you're interested 😉

Today's portrait is of Sasha R. Jones, who is a wonderful & spectacular illustrator I first met at Illuxcon. His work (and work ethic) is so inspiring! So much knowledge of nature and animals, and his recent personal pieces that explore gender identity and trans experiences are stunning! His work is in that exciting stage of every new piece being a noticable level up, so be sure to check out his website  

And also....drawing his hair and THOSE eyebrows was so much fun!! I kept imagining what he would be like as an RPG character...or a pokemon trainer  with a team of beautiful birds and dragons.

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