Patreon Service Fee Changes
Hey folks,

Earlier today, Patreon top brass sent out an email announcing a plan to offload the burden of their service fees from us creators to you patrons.

It came as an announcement that creators would no longer pay more than 5% of their income in fees, and that seems great, but raising patrons' rates is, in my opinion, not the answer.

The proposed increase of 2.9% + $0.35 would mean that a patron pledging a dollar would now have to pay around $1.38

That doesn't sit well with me, especially while I have a $2 tier sitting right there.

So, in response to this, I'm going to be rolling the $2 tier into the $1 tier and calling it "The Basics" or something.

I've thought about it for a while, and with this announcement, it just makes too much sense.

So, if you're a $1 patron, look forward to more stuff!

If you're a $2 patron, then hello Paul. I'll probably message you in a sec to ask you to move tiers again.