Patreon Sixth Month Update!!!!


I am so happy this month. April was insane and I feel like we got a lot out of it together. The Nardio YouTube channel has been getting a lot of new videos. The site has gotten a lot of new attention. Jasmine and I have been traveling like crazy and meeting tons of new people! 



This is going to be hard to top.  

So whats been up? 

Well first lets talk about those cameras we got last month. We just returned one of those cameras we bought. The L340 just wasn't good enough at all. It's 3 seconds between shots was a deal breaker that made it totally useless for event photography. The Cannon SX 60 has been amazing. It is great for shots of all kinds. It even shot all of the videos we have been been posting recently besides the Patreon update vid. We are definitely going to save up to get another SX60. 

Check out some of the shots done with the Cannon SX 60:


Not everything is amazing with the Cannon camera, although it does record videos alright outside it has some serious limitations. First, low and weird light movie shots become a grainy mess. Also if you leave Auto Focus on the videos end up looking bad. Unfortunately even in Manual Focus mode there can be problems. So we learned the hard way this month when we should and should not use this camera. Sadly this came at the expense of some good, but wasted interviews that turned out embarrassingly bad. We also found out the hard way that randomly the Cannon shuts off while recording videos that are over 10 minutes! Super embarrassing and big problem to be aware of. Because of this we still are going to try and get a semi professional camcorder in the future for recording interviews.  Below is our huge dream camera:

Realistically we may end up getting two of these camcorders below so that we can can better shoot event footage in low light settings:

I couldn't be happier with our photos. Learning how to use the Cannon has been fun and taught Jasmine and I a lot about photography and just how much is done in post production. We can't afford to use Adobe Photoshop but we are making due in GIMP and Apple Photos. Jas has taken to it all quickly, but I am a bit of slow learner. That said our shots are great. I was really surprised at how great my shots were at Castle Point Anime Convention compared to other photographers with much better cameras. I gotta say I think I did a great job. I have to thank Tony and Chelsea Northrup's YouTube channel so teaching Jasmine and I so much for FREE!!

They have an amazing channel on YouTube that is a goldmine of information for learning photography. They also have an E-Book that I plan on buying and devouring. If you want to learn how to take better photo's or make sense of your camera's manual mode this is the place to learn. 

We learned even more this month. How to properly interview someone, when to use back up lighting, what not to do. Soooo much trial and error happened while we were shooting. It was like starting a new job at every event. We tried, made mistakes and got better as we went on. I loved it. I loved every second of it. Well except when I embarrassed myself, but hey.

In that interview I started of in the totally wrong spot. During the first part of the interview I was blocking one of the people and the viewers were treated to a great spot of back sweat from me. Ugh...

In that video interview my posture was just totally wrong. Looking back on it, I was way to much of a focal point in the shot. Also I had my hands in my pocket causing me to look super fat. How to stand, where to stand, what to wear, none of these things entered my mind when I started these interviews. After going home and watching these interviews later on Jasmine and I would pick apart what went right and wrong. It's embarrassing, but hopefully it just means as time goes on we will do better. 

Any who, thanks for helping to support our dream for another month. Don't worry, about the lack of May plans so far. We still have lots of content to share and more stories to tell.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for believing in us.

Have a great weekend!