Patreon Sketch Requests ready!
Yaay!It's sketches time! Thanks a lot once again for your constant support guys <3I really hope you like them, and also double thank you for even requesting my own OCs to include here, it's awesome ;v; I decided to add some silhouette/shadow this time to make it look more interesting? But in any case, in the file available here I just put both versions, the usual one and the one you see in the preview : D

ALSO, I'm still missing a couple requests ´w´) you know who you are!  Feel free to just shoot a message my way when you can! : D no rush of course~

And another note! I'm both happy and sad that this month, during august, I miiight have trouble putting up as much stuff as the past months, mostly because I'm going onnnn a trip! I'll be out traveling from August 14th to the 28th, two weeks! BUT! I'll still carry my wacom around, and my sketchbook, I may even post doodles of my travels during those days : ) SO, since you're already reading this, I thought I'd ask you beforehand that if you guys from the 15-tier have something in mind for me to sketch for you for the next month, let me know : D it doesn't matter if it's a month early, I'll appreciate it when I don't have much time later haha! ;_; 

Thanks again for the support ! And hope you like these!