The Patreon snafu, part 2
Hi again!

If you want to go back to paying just the original amount without being charged the sneaky extra third on top of that, I've now set up a PayPal recurring payment option as an alternative to Patreon.  (They still take a cut of 1/3, but it's me, not you, paying that extra bit, so you only pay $1/month, with no hidden extras for you.)

As for the $5 and $10 levels, they're now $3 and $5, so slightly cheaper even after the hidden fees.  (Alas, continuing their theme of stellar work, Patreon didn't let me edit the prices for these tiers, so I had to delete them and add new ones, so you'll have to adjust your donation settings accordingly.)

If you don't want to use Patreon or PayPal, then (for convoluted reasons) we're out of options right now.  It's fine to no longer donate to me, and you can still download my new music each month.

The difference with PayPal is you won't yet be notified of my progress or get behind-the-scenes demo tracks... so in the next month or two, I'll be looking into setting up a secret blog on my website, so regardless of how you donate, you'll still get access to the same content.  Just bear with me, as I'm also working on my day job and actually making the music!

Thanks again for bearing with me through all this!