Patreon Support vs Roguard Support

as we get more and more messages from people who mess arround with the patreon system and end up with broken whitelists, i wanna make some things clear.


Our Team, will only help you with problems on the patch or how to install it. We are not here for supporting people who can not read the FAQ of patreon.


Patreon is a monthly subscription system,

If you mess arround with canceling the pledge right after subscribing it is your problem if our system does not recognize your payment.

If you do not take care of your balance on the CC and patreon can't charge you, it is your job to fix this, and we will not help you with a refund, or anything.

If you mess arround with creating multiple accounts, just because your CC was rejected, instead of finding out WHY IT WAS REJECTED, it is your problem and not ours when the whitelisting for your accounts goes wrong.

Patreon has a very good and big Help Center where they answer all questions about patreon and answer to problems.

My team is not here to play the Nanny for anyone whos to lazy to use his brain.

Kind regards