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So I updated my Excel spreadsheet that I use to see how much support I would get, before taxes, from my subs if you all donated just $1/month and if all 621 subs, as of writing this, did just $1/month via Patreon I would be looking at about $7,076.40/year, I say "about" since my calculations may be a bit off.

Honestly though I can't really think of what I would use that much money on I mean the only things that come to mind are:

  • Building a separate PC for rendering, but that is only about $2,000 and is only a one time fee.
  • Buying a PS4 so I can do Let's Plays for PS4 exclusives, this is only about $400 and is also one time thing.
    • Sure I would have to buy games but for the PS4 that would be like $60 every few months to once a year, which is similar to my Xbox One.
  • Then you have upgrading my PC but that would only be every few years.
    • And would be like $700 max for the GPU every two years or so at the earliest.
    • And maybe another $600-700 for a new CPU and Motherboard every 3 years at the earliest.
  • Buying an HDPVR so I can record straight from the consoles for better quality, this is also a one time fee and is only about $150-180 on Amazon for an Elgato HD60 (150) or HD60S (180).

That adds up to only about $2,640 this year since the only things I would really buy would be the PS4, the rendering PC, and an Elgato HD60/HD60S, though this isn't taking into account any games since I can't say exactly who many I would buy. But every year after this initial one would have less of this money spent since most of my goals are one time fees meaning barring something serious happening a good amount of the money would just sit in the bank.

Tough of course since I currently have no Patrons this is largely irrelevant but I thought I should make a post that mentions somewhat of a breakdown of what the money would be spend on in the first year, if all my YouTube subscribers were to become Patrons for even $1/month.

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