Patreon Support Day!
As you may know, I have been running a Patreon Support Day over on Facebook today to try and boost the signal of our little Patreon Family. If you are visiting this page and it is your first time on Patreon, please be sure to check my Patreon Profile, which should give you a little idea of what it is this page does. 

To those of you who already follow my Patreon and are kind enough to support it, thank you all so much! It's with your monthly subscriptions that I am able to continue creating personal work, affording the time to seek out new work, create portfolio pieces and increase my online presence. This is not an easy job, so thank each and every one of you for your support. 

As an added bonus for each of you who have stuck with me since the beginning, I will be sending out a little gift to all of you at the end of the week - in celebration of this Patreon Support Day! If any of your friends have joined up today because of you sharing the page, you will also get another added bonus gift! So please get sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email, or whatever media you like and lets help our little Patreon family to grow.

For those of you new here today, don't you worry, you won't be left out. Everyone who joins our Patreon today will also get a little bonus gift along with their first month's subscription reward (this will be sent out once your first month's payment has been received). 

I am also reserving a few fun rewards for people who share the page on social media, which will be given away at the end of the day. So, be sure to tag me, notify me or '@' me wherever possible (you can find me here for FacebookInstagramTwitter), so that I know you are sharing the page around. That way you will be in with a chance of winning. 

Prizes today include stickers, copies of colouring books, Cirque Du Mort, post cards, sketchcards and even some exclusive insert cards from some of the beautiful sketch card sets I have worked on. Thank you so much for all of your help and have an amazing day!