Patreon Thoughts
Hey guys, so I've been thinking about my Patreon situation recently.

For each of my Patreon tiers above the $10 tier, the idea is that I do a thing (Or things) personally for the person whom pledged the high amount. So likewise, for every animation I make per month, attached is also a checklist of things I need to fill out or things I need to complete after the fact.

However, not only is said list inconsistent and hard to keep track of, some people ask for alternatives, some people say they're fine without the reward at all, or sometimes my work gets completely in the way of said goals meaning I have to delay the reward by a month or two, and I feel bad every time I have to do that.

The idea of Patreon is to support a creator, while instead it's somewhat stressing me out, and giving me less wiggle room when it comes to my work or schedule.

So, I'm thinking in the near future I'm going to be taking those tiers off completely. This includes the "Pose for the Camera!" tier, the "Model Cameo!" tier, the "You Own Me" tier, the "Three of the Above" tier, and this will also the joke "God of Nothing" tier.

It means I'll be earning significantly less yes, a large percentage of my earnings come from the people pledging to those tiers, but I'd prefer to make good and fun content over a little income.

This doesn't mean I'm not going to complete all current/late/future pledge rewards, I fully intend on doing every single one of them even when those tiers are removed, however I feel like in the long run I'll be working better with the absense of them.

Thank you, and I hope you understand.