Patreon Tier & Price Adjustments! PLEASE READ!
Hello, Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know about a few adjustments I have made to my Patreon tiers, rewards, and prices! While being active for a few months, I have been working out ways to bring great content, but to also provide  affordable tiers for everyone!

To ALL Current Patrons! Yes, this means you will need to go into your settings and make a tier & price adjustment before Dec. 1st! Click here to learn how!

For as little as $1 a month you can view all my content! All sketches, w.i.p. posts, colored small res images of finished pieces, plush designs, prototype adjustments, new character designs, EVERYTHING!

$5 a month gets you everything in the $1 tier + live art streams & 1 DLC print for each month you are subscribed. I will now be producing only 1 full-scale fanart mash-up print a month until the '2 prints per month' milestone is reached. 

$10 a month gets you everything in the $1 tier, $5 tier + voting on prints, charms, plush, character merch and tutorials once the milestone is unlocked!

$15 a month gets you everything in the $1 tier, $5 tier, $10 tier + 1 charm for every month you are subscribed and the choice of 1 (one)  previous DLC print from any month!

Due to issues in the past, I have all new Patrons set to 'Pay Up Front' which means you are charged your first pledge the day you join and then on the 1st of every month. This means you get to see content that day AND you get the rewards that went out that same month!

Thank you to all of you that support my work both here on Patreon! Your comments and interactions with me truly make my day! 

See tier descriptions for more details!