I've mentioned this a few times but starting for December payments some of the tiers will be changing and I want to give you a chance to be able to switch things around if you want to but will not effect your current pledge! :D ** I have now enabled charge up front   which means  New Patrons: New Patrons will be charged on the day they become your patron, giving them access to all content shared with their reward tier. On the 1st of the following month, they will simply return to being charged monthly at the beginning of the month. Existing Patrons: existing patrons will be charged on the 1st of the month like usual.  This ensures if you pledge mid month you can recieve that current months perks and covers me if someone decides to pledge and dash. 

Here is the rundown of the new tiers:

$1 : KAPPA

 1$ will give you access to my patreon only activity feed, WIP photos, tips, advice, early access to polls for voting on new monthly projects! One dollar can add up quickly.


 $5 Your solid fiver will get you everything from the previous tier

PLUS: accsess to the monthly giveaway, Snapchat access, Discord link


 $10 can buy me one roll of foam for a new costume!

This tier will include everything from $1 and $5

PLUS: behind the scenes photos and videos of filming, travel, cosplay, burlesque performances, and time lapse crafting videos, a handwritten item each month and the option to request a HD PHONE WALLPAPER! *SOME but not all video will be moved to my Youtube a month or so after it's posted here so you guys will always see everything FIRST*


 $40 will get you all of the previous tiers  

 PLUS: Access to high res images; which can be used for wallpapers and fan art. Please do not print these! 1 monthly 8.5x11 print, Chibi Danger sticker


 $60 will get you all of the previous tiers  

 PLUS:  25% off print store, personalized 11x17 print, one poloroid, google hangouts when possible **Print store will reopen February 1st due to my move mid January**


 $100 will get everything from the other tiers

PLUS:  a casual cosplay or boudoir of your choice!

***Disclaimer there are quite a few people in this tier and if you have a specific idea in mind message me directly and I can sort out what month will be appropriate for the idea. Casual cosplay includes boudoir, fan art/crossovers, pool party, simple anime or cartoon caracters, special occasions i.e. Valentines, st. patrick's Day, Christmas.***

 Once I am all settled in my move to CALI I will be getting a PO BOX if you want to send me cards or letters. I will also be switching all my mailers to flat stays for cheaper shipping so I can mail out international stuff monthly as well!!! HUZZAH