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Hello my lovely Patrons!!

Time for something new!!!! I'll get the last couple of Buffy videos created and uploaded soon, but while we're doing that.... let's get an early start with the next wonderful Tutorial Series!!! (Exclusive to you guys here on Patreon of course!!)

As decided by yourselves (sorry if you voted for something else.. you'll get your wish soon!) ....we're now starting the massive 1/4 scale Clint Eastwood, Man With No Name statue!

You can tell by listening to me how excited I am to work on this, and while I'm doing the early painting I talk a bit about how I think we might work on this and what I'm looking forward to doing on it. 

It's gonna be a good one! 

Enjoy! x

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*recovers from having fainted*

I'm not even sure what to say here. I think I might just hug you. Yeah, I'm going to hug you. Lots. With this you'll get:
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  • plus a private one on one Skype painting lesson. Just for you. You can watch me working, ask questions, show me what you're painting, or ask me to paint demonstration techniques for you! It's up to you! You'll get an hour or two of my time, just for you. 
  • and obviously my eternal gratitude. 
  • and more hugs. 
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