Patreon Update
So every now and then, I decide to shake up the Patreon in hopes that this combination will be the one to get me more followers. As such, I think you should be aware of the new goals and rewards tiers along with them.

Starting with goals, at $50 we have the promise that my next blog project will post weekly. Now I have been able to do this for Fearful Symmetry because I was able to put some distance between when the posts were written and when they were published. Not so with this next project. And what is this project? Being Parted/Broken Hearted: A Psychocronography in Steven Universe. If you liked the Dirk Gently entry (and apparently a lot of people did), you're probably going to like this one.

At $100, we have the promise to serialize my next project (and the reason why Being Parted can't be inherently weekly): The Tower Through The Trees: A Solarpunk novel. It details the collapse of the last city and features wandering storytellers, mystical creatures, and the anger one would expect from a -punk story.

The $200 goal gets us a podcast series between myself and David Mann wherein I introduce him to the wonderful madness that is Doctor Who. It's a deep dive project that will range from the bizarre Web Planet to the drab Orwellian corridors of the Happiness Patrol to the personal depths of Listen. It's the kind of deep dive where Episode 10 is Transformers VS GI Joe. Further goals related to this tier will be revealed once we reach this goal.

$250 is something I've never done: The promise to have a blog project post at least twice a week.

Once again, I've changed the $400 tier for two reasons. First, I realized that I don't want to do a project on South Park, but more importantly I've realized that I can't do the final entry as I intended to do it. So instead, I've made that version its own tier: at $400, I'll make the end to Fearful Symmetry in twine.

For $500 a week, I'll continue the first psychocronography with "The Nintendo Project: The Final Chapter." Like all final chapters, it'll probably not actually be the last chapter.

$1000 a week is a different project: No. 1 at the Box Office, where I look at every film that was No. 1 at the US Box Office and see what that makes the world into.

$1500 will get you a psychocronography on the work of Quentin Tarantino. It's at $1500 due to Roman Polanski still being alive. If he were to die, the tier would drop to $300.

And finally, for $2000 a week, Conspiracy Against The Spider-Race, a four book psychochronography on the entire history of Spider-Man ranging from "The Clone Saga" to "Rock Confessions of a Superhero."

Now, for rewards, for $1 per main blog post, you'll get early access to the posts. Usually a week before they actually appear on the blog.

At $3, you'll get not only the blog posts, but also movie reviews of recent and major releases. Some of these will be me quoting poetry while others will be full length reviews.

If you support me at the $5 a week level, you can request me to write a monthly blog post on any subject that we agree upon.

And finally, at the $15 tier, you can commission me to write short story. This is limited to 5 people at a time.