Patreon Update!

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick update to inform you of some recent changes we've made to the Patreon. In an attempt to streamline our process and make things a little more accessible, we've simplified the tiers and rewards. If you'd like to know exactly what has changed, read below!

The Tiers

You'll notice that there are now only 6 tiers to choose from:

  • [$1] Channeler Student
  • [$1] Caster Student
  • [$4] Binder Student
  • [$8] Institute Teacher
  • [$14] Council Mage
  • [$20] Council Archmage

The first two student tiers are exactly the same when it comes to the amount you pledge and the rewards you get. It is only there to allow you to choose between being a caster or a channeler (your tier status will also appear next to your name on Discord and on the comments you post on the Aikonia website).

If you were a supporter on a tier that no longer exists, please re-adjust your selection to be one of the tiers above. At the end of January, we will be deleting the old tiers and, if you haven't switched over yet, you will automatically be switched to a "no benefits" Patron (this just means you're donating, but not taking any rewards in exchange). You can easily switch to any tier you want even after you've been automatically switched to "no benefits".

The Rewards

We've narrowed down the rewards and filtered out the ones that were less interesting and merged some of them together. For example: We now no longer post each individual stage of each page as individual posts. Instead, we will be posting a time-lapse video, gif, or series of images that showcase the creation process of each page, once a week, in a single post.

Here's the complete list of rewards:

 Patron-Only Updates: You will get access to Patron-only updates. These can be anything ranging from simple announcements and messages from the team to sketches and behind-the-scenes stuff!

Discord Channels: You get access to some specific channels that are only available to our Patrons on Discord.

Supporter Badge: When you comment on the Aikonia website, there will be a small indicator next to your comments that indicates your status as a Patron.

Patron Credit: You name (and link, depending on your tier) will forever be listed below the pages you've supported (It could appear in gold as well, depending on your tier).

Early access: You will get access to new story pages three days ahead of everyone else!

Complete Making-Of: See the complete page creation process from script to final colours every week in the form of a video, gif, or series of images.

Exclusive content: You will get access to private live streams, exclusive videos, bonus artwork, and other exclusive content.

Sidebar Ad: An ad of your choice will be displayed in the sidebar of Aikonia for the duration of your month as a supporter. You ad might be rotated alongside other Patron ads if there are more than one person supporting us at that reward's tier.

Of course, seeing as these rewards are for you in return for your support, we are always open to hearing your suggestions!

The Goals

We've updated our goals to be more focused on adding new content to Aikonia. We're hoping that each goal reached will help us create more Aikonia for you to enjoy. Here's the full list of goals:

[$100] Journal Entries: We'll be continuing our series of journal entries!

[$200] Aikonia One-Shots: A new series of short, one-shot side comics that focus on specific characters, events, story elements, or gags. Each page will be self-contained rather than having an over-arching plot like the main story.

[$400] Aikonia Adventures: A poll-based choose-your-own-adventure story that takes place in the world of Aikonia! Each one of those will focus on a new setting and set of characters!

[$600] The Library: A new library section that will regularly be updated with new books that you would get if you were a student in the Aikonian Institute of Magical Research and Application! Learn more about Aikonia, Magicka, and how magic works!

[$800] Fully Covered: All the monthly Aikonia-related expenses will be covered! We no longer have to worry about paying out-of-pocket to keep Aikonia going and this will allow us to invest in a new secret Aikonia-related project!

Thank you all for your support thus far! Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think of those changes and share any opinions, feedback, or suggestions you may have by commenting below or by messaging us on Discord! We'll always do our best to make sure supporting this Patreon is worth it for you :)

I've also posted a new posting schedule (which you can read right here) and a new live-streaming schedule (which you can see here).

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