Patreon Update: Bonus Pod, Video Milestone, and New Goals
Hey everybody, Chris (Rollo T) here to give you some updates about the progress of our Patreon. Suffice to say, it has thus far exceeded every expectation I had when we set it up. I hadn’t imagined that within a month of setting it up we’d be hitting our fourth goal, but here we are! I’ll speak more on that new milestone and what we’re looking at in the future, but first I want to talk about the bonus pod.

Last night Nik and I recorded the bonus pod for the month of August. If you need a refresher, this is a Top 10 podcast on the Top 10 Manga Badasses. It was a really fun episode to record that clocks in just under 90 minutes so it’s a healthy chunk of change. Everyone who is a Champion Patron during the month of August will get a copy of this episode. I’ll likely be doing some editing on it during the next few days, and then releasing it this weekend through Patreon. It will be somewhat of a test run as I’ve not attempted distribution of anything through the message system on this site, but I believe it should work smoothly. I will be adamant about making sure that everyone gets their episode, so if you run into any problems receiving it please let me know. I’ll put on my best impression of Janine from Ghostbusters and we’ll hammer out any issues.

To the news of the day, we just hit our fourth Patreon goal! *cue FF victory music* *cue confetti* *cue compressed midi sound effect of crowd from Ace Attorney games*

Seriously though, it’s awesome to see that goal met. As promised we will be looking into transitioning the podcast into video. However, I must stress that this will take time. We’re literally not even a month into our Patreon and we’ve hit this goal. There are

several things we’ll need to obtain first before a video podcast is even possible. Obviously Nik and I will both need webcams, and beyond that I cannot even begin testing how this all will work until I get a second monitor. I promise you that

we will be moving the live show into video, but it may not happen for a couple months. I won’t promise an exact time frame as I still need to figure out all the logistics, but I will say that the transition will happen before the year is done. It could end up happening much, much sooner, but I would like to play it safe and not give an optimistic projection that might not actually be possible. We’re not Fairy Tail, guys. We can’t just shout “friendship!” to solve all of our problems. Though that would be pretty sweet. I’ve got a field of crabgrass I’d like to shout away if I could.

This brings me to the final topic of this update: the future. We need to set up some new goals for our Patreon, and we’re looking to get some feedback from you guys on how interested you would be in working towards any of these goals. They aren’t in any particular order, and we might end up doing all of them, none of them, or somewhere in between. We’d first just like to get some feedback from you guys so that we can better estimate the interest in these. And if you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to

voice them.

  • With this we’d also attempt to potentially even do live episodes at said con, or at the very least organize some sort of get together at each event. This would have to ultimately be a higher reward level though, as transportation, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses make this impractical at our current level. And to be honest with ourselves, we're not sure how much of a demand there would actually be. It’s not like we’re any of those big shot wood-working podcasts.

Con Appearances – Upon reaching the goal Nik and I would make a promise to attend at least two cons per year together. We’d choose different cons as possible, starting off maybe on a West Coast con like a Fanime or whatnot, and then maybe aim for a smaller, mid-country con to try and hit alternate locations.

Merchandising – In the past we’ve heard listeners of the show ask about merchandising. Like a shirt that had some cool design with the “Unohana is dead and never coming back” phrase. I totally get why people would think it’s cool, but to be honest merchandising is a pretty expensive game. Unless you have some kind of commitment like a Kickstarter to ensure your investment is covered, you can end up losing money in the whole ordeal. That’s not to say we’re not interested though. If we made this a goal, we’d test the waters out with a store of some kind. This might potentially end up being something we look at without making it a goal. It just depends heavily on the interest level of our audience.

Movie Commentaries – Once a month or whatnot, Nik and I would host an event where we watch a movie live on stream and record a commentary track over it that we’d then release for free. It’s a fun idea in my mind, though what kind of movies we’d do it for is the question. I’d love to say we have a wide open field, but I have some concerns about how far we can divorce ourselves from manga for any of our goals or rewards in this Patreon. If people are like “I don’t care about how doing commentary for Fan4stic or Ultraviolet—talk about Naruto!” then we could limit this exclusively to just anime movies. But, if there’s a strong interest in not restricting it to manga related media, it opens up some alternate options. Alternatively, I suppose we could also do the same for anime episodes as well. It just depends on the interest levels for those in support of this goal.

Add Series to Recap – A goal where if we reach it, we add a couple more series as permanent fixtures to the weekly lineup based on the most popular/interesting suggestions from our audience. These would most likely be for Crunchyroll series as we review almost every Jump series at this point, and I’d prefer not using scanlations anymore unless absolutely necessary. There are plenty of options there though. UQ Holder, Seven Deadly Sins, etc. Basically we’d do an episode where we’ll catch up completely on the series, and then add it to the recap. Both of us will be reading the series, so we’ll both be providing our thoughts on it. And should the series end, we’ll try to find something new to take its place. I imagine

for the goal we’d like add two series. Maybe three if two of them end up being


Air Gear episode – I’ll do it. I’ll make it a goal, and if we reach it I’ll read that stupid, mind-punting manga about magical WMD roller-skates again for a regular episode of Weekly Manga Recap.

So those are the suggestions we have, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Which goals interest you? Which ones don’t? Why? If you want to support a goal, what specifics would you like to see about it? Give us any and all feedback you might have by dropping your thoughts here in the comments, or shooting an e-mail over to

[email protected] if you’d rather them be private.

That’s it guys! One last reminder that the August Champion bonus pod will be released this weekend. Video podcast is coming, but not immediately. And otherwise, I hope to see all of you tonight for when we take a look at Shaman King. If you’re spirit is strrroooooooooooooooooooooong… you could be the one!

- Chris