Patreon Update: September Bonus Pod, Future Top 10s, Guests, Halloween Month & More
Hey there, everybody! Chris here, with a State of the Patreon Update(TM)! I've got a few things to go over this time around, starting off first and foremost with a huge thanks to everybody for supporting. As of writing this we're less than $50 away from our next goal, and if all goes well we'll be doing our first movie commentary in October! Fingers crossed!

Next, I wanted to apologize for being a bit delayed on some things recently. Simply put, September has been absurdly busy for me. There have been weddings, court hearings, important work conferences, family emergencies, half-marathon training... it's been a bit chaotic to say the least. It's almost meant that I'm a little behind on a couple of things, but I do wan to stress that after this month things should finally settle down a bit. I appreciate and thank you all for your patience--especially those of you on my One Piece RP forum. You guys are da real MVPs.

Onto the larger news, we just finished recording our September bonus pod for Champion Patrons. This is the Top 10 Sports that Need a Manga, with the added hook being that I wrote out an actual premise for each series to sell Nik on. The recording went great, and I hope everyone enjoys the episode as much as we did. And I am more than aware that quite of our listeners care little to not all for sports, but I implore those listeners to give the episode a try as the absurdity of some of these premises are worth the price admission. Simply put, if you enjoy listening to the World Trigger fanfics, you should really enjoy this episode as well. I hope to have the episode available to Champion Patrons this weekend, and a quick reminder you can still get access to this bonus pod even if you become a Champion Patron in September after its release.

It is also noted in the bonus pod what our October bonus pod will be, but just to note we will be taking a temporary break from Top 10s to try out a couple of new series. In the meantime I will still be working on some new Top 10s, and we welcome any ideas you guys might have for future topics. As a head's up, I'm currently playing around with Top 10 Manga Fights, Top 10 Manga Villains, and Top 10 Weirdest Manga Concepts.

We will also be doing a Q&A this month as we received plenty of questions. The only thing delaying it right now is scheduling. Basically after tonight's regular episode we have some conflicts aligning our calendars that will push the Q&A back until next week. I don't have an exact day we'll be recording yet, but the early Vegas odds have likely being on Tuesday. You can still send in any questions you might have to [email protected], but be aware some might get held over until next month depending on how many we're able to get through.

On the topic of sending things in, Halloween month is coming up soon so it's time to start sending in some appropriate suggestions! Anything Halloween related is welcome; be it a horror series, a monster series, a dark thriller series, or anything the fits the various vibes of the season. It also helps significantly to include "Halloween Recommendation" in the title of your e-mail.

Lastly, I am doing a little groundwork on getting some new guests for the podcast before the end of the year. I can't make any promises that it will happen, but I've got some people out there who I think would be very cool to have on the show. And perhaps... just maybe... I convince some of them to read a poorly written and absurdly filthy new World Trigger fanfiction. Maybe.

That's it guys, though if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will try to get to them. I hope to see you all this evening for our live recording! Next week we'll be doing Kurohime--this week we'll be fangasming over Food Wars for about forty minutes.

- Chris