Patreon Update Videos!
This is the first of my monthly Patreon update videos, created to draw more people to my Patreon without being obnixous and panhandling in the middle of videos, and to inform people outside of Something Awful on my let's plays and how they are developing and being supplemented.

In this video I discuss: My next LP and how you can find out what it is! I am violently ill and so my LP's probably won't update next week! I'm working on cool supplemental material for The Evil Within!

Music is 'Richard' by Frekt.

ALSO, PATREON TIER CHANGE: I swapped around the 10 dollar and 25 dollar tiers, because I feel like there shouldn't be that high of a barrier to entry to see my process and such. I like talking about how I make videos and what I'm going to do next, so it's more fun for me if more people can see it!

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