Patreon update
Hi loyal patrons! 

First, thank you so much to all the people who've supported me on patreon this far! Your patronage(patreonage?) means the world to me. 

In the next week or so I'll be changing up my Patreon a bit to set better goals and make better rewards. I'm not adding new reward tiers, but I find I've been making comics more sporadically and haven't made any new Extras in awhile. So from now on, for the 3$ level tier I'll be doing Patreon exclusive reviews of movies and comics, at least one a month, with an accompanying illustration. 

For the 5$ tier, I'll still do early versions of full comics and print n' play versions of boardgames, and for months I don't have either one of those, I'll do a 5$ tier exclusive comic page! 

And for 1$ patreons I'll still do early sketches, robos and other exclusive stuff. Maybe doing exclusive pin-ups!

I've lost interest(no one else has shown interest) in doing new Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl so new goals will revolve around starting/making Rickety Rat PI, Thief and Barbarian, Dime-Store Noir, and Radical Robot Squad.

I hope these are things you're excited about and you'll continue to support me! And that if you'd like me to do more stuff, you'll share my page with your friends and ask them to support me. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please comment!