Patreon update
Hi patrons! Okay so things have changed quite a bit lately..

The good news is Marvel are really boosting my career, they've been giving me a tone of work to do, they recently have demanded I do more per week for them, and also I scored my first official Marvel Variant Cover!!! Which I just completed for them, deadline was within a week! I'm really excited about this and can't wait to share the cover with you all, more updates on that as it gets close to release.

The bad news is I am now limited to how much time I can put into Patreon for a while. I will be completely honest with you, there won't be a lot of content coming through as often. This doesn't change anything I've been doing here, everything is still coming.. the huge gaming piece, the tutorials and such.. It just means it'll take a bit longer to see.

I totally understand for those of you who want to back out of your pledge, the rewards won't be as often. But if you continue your support you'll still have access to future rewards, and my endless gratitude :)