Patreon Update: Hard at work towards GDC 2017!
Hey everybody, thanks for your support.

I want to give you an update towards what I'm working on lately.

1. I have something big. Real big. Some new example source code and a demo. For reasons that will be clear at GDC 2017 I can't go into any more details on what this is right now. Please hold tight. It's going to be great.

2. I have a new open source project underway related to networking, but wider than just games. I cannot go into details about this before GDC 2017.

3. I'm working on a new article to be published before GDC 2017, which will be the first new article made public simultaneously with the launch of the new I can't go into details or provide drafts of this article before GDC 2017 because it's related to #2

4. I'm continuing to port the old to the new version of the website based around "Hugo". This is taking a lot of my time. Once the port is finished, I'll be free to write a bunch new articles, reasonably quickly. Right now I feel bottlenecked on finishing this port before lauching new articles, because I don't want to "split" gafferongames into old and new, they must be unified.

5. I'm not going to have any time to work on libyojimbo between now and GDC 2017 (aside from minor fixes) due to 1-4 listed above.

Sorry to be so tight lipped and curious, but please be patient until GDC 2017, because it's going to be worth it. I'm frantically busy over here, but I can't share any more details of what I'm working on or it's going to spoil the surprise!


- Glenn