Hey there!

I wanted to restructure my perks on Patreon, so some things are going to change. Hopefully you like these changes and I'm open to feedback! Let me know if you like this, hate it or even if you just don't care.

I'm starting a Patreon exclusive painting of the month. Basically this video will have a life on this wonderful site. You'll be able to purchase it, see it before anyone else, get work in progress photos of it and just generally be behind the scenes.

In addition, I've changed around the reward levels. Here are the changes.

Patrons pledging $1: 

 You still get to be on my Badass People list and get access to the Patron feed. I'll be posting more regularly here as well. I'll be posting more behind the scenes photos, videos and what not. I basically want this to be a more candid social media site. Sometimes I hold back on what I post and I want to be able to fucking swear and have a good fucking time here.  


  - Early access to the painting of the month on my site, you will be able to purchase prints or the original painting before anyone else. 

 - Vote on future paintings of the month. 

-  Each month you'll get a  colouring sheet that I've hand drawn and scanned for you. You can print this, colour this, paint this, whatever you'd like. You just can't sell it.

Patrons pledging $5:
You still get the handsigned postcard of the month but now you'll also get some extra perks. 

- 6 closeups showing the brushwork of the painting of the month

- timelapse video of the Painting of the month

plus all previous rewards

Patrons pledging $10:
This is a new reward level. I deleted the $8 reward and have replaced it with this. 

- Save 10% off prints, cards and postcards on my site. This is great if you want to pick up a Collector's Quality print. 

- Painting of the Month live stream. I'll talk about why I painted what I did. If you want to get nerdy, this is the live stream for you. I'll talk about the imagery I used, colour scheme, story and inspiration. You'll also get a chance to ask me anything. 

- plus you'll get 5 downloadable and printable colouring sheets

plus all previous reward levels

Patrons pledging $20:
This is another new reward level. 

- You'll get a print (8.5" x 11") every month and you can choose which design you'd like to get

- High resolution picture of the painting of the month. You can use this as a desktop background or for your Facebook cover but you cannot make prints from this. That is infringing on my copyright and just generally a pretty douchey thing to do.  I have a 10% off discount you can use or choose it as your free print of the month. 

- You also get a written description of the Painting of the Month. I'll talk about inspiration, imagery and the story behind it. These are great if you want to get the print, then you can have this accompany the print.

plus all previous reward levels

Patrons pledging $50:
This is another new reward level and it works a bit differently, so read carefully.

Every three months I'll send you a high quality artbox. If you're like me, you know that most subscription boxes can send you a lot of stuff that you don't need and sometimes don't want. I don't want to send you things that aren't useful.

So, I'll send you high quality items that you want around your home. Some of the items I'll send include: pillows, original art work, framed giclee prints, hand-decorated journals, deluxe card packs for Christmas and more. 

The boxes have a value of over $100 and you still get the digital content above, totalling $40/month. That means every three months you spend $150 but get $220 worth of value. 

You'll need to pledge three months to get an Art box with pledges being processed at the 1st of each month. Art boxes ship at the beginning of the month and arrive towards the end of the month.

So, what do you think? Hopefully there is something in there to get you excited! Let me know! I welcome any comments, questions and just general ramblings.

I've been typing here forever now so I'm gonna go. See you later!! <3