Patreon Updates for September
During September I'm going to be making several updates to Patreon rewards and how they're communicated to Patrons to prevent several long-standing issues, particularly in regards to reduced communication as time has gone on.

1. Clearly communicating that Discord invites are single-use for every patron.

2. Clearly communicating that patrons have to direct message me on Discord to have their Patron level set, as this must be done manually and names often differ on Discord from Patreon name (Yes, that means you have to message me twice, once for the invite and again when you arrive in Discord, otherwise your entry will slip by me unnoticed).

3. Clearly communicating when advance viewing for In A Minute is posted (Usually between Wednesday and Saturday on the week of production)

4. Clearly communicating that video description credits are updated on the 1st of every month, regardless of whether a patron's pledge was declined or not.

5. Clearly communicating that Patrons who are still listed as "No Reward" will not be added to the description as a result of multiple complaints about me adding them in the past.

6. Making sure there are update posts at the start of every moth showing the schedule for that month, which I had started doing and neglected doing as time went one.