Patreon Updates
So I have come to realize that there are some things on the Patreon page that need updating.


Updated reward tiers to reflect change in Patron only server

Removed reference to Quest For Sanctuary series, as that has been discontinued.

Ok, that being said, here's an update on where the channel is and where it's going:

Almost to 500 subscribers! (478 as of writing this)

All The Mods 3 on the Patron server series has been added!

All The Creators Season 2 has started! (and so has the new playlist for it!)

Age Of Engineering is still going! (The grind is real, folks!)

Real life update!

So, almost a year ago, I contacted a legal group about getting my discharge changed. Filled out all the paperwork, and then... waited. 10 months of waiting for my records from the military to get to them. Now? We're on the review of my records stage. Still waiting on word on that. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have my discharge upgraded from OTH to General, and will be able to apply to the VA for service related disability. Fingers, toes, mudflaps, everything crossed!