Patreon Updates, and Apologies
A quote has been circling the internet as of late, usually accompanied by a right-wing dummy getting some sort of comeuppance: "Life comes at you fast." It's funny in that context, but it's also true- life comes at you really fucking fast. I haven't been updating this lately, but I'm going to start again. And as patrons, you are the first to hear!

First, changes. As patrons, you will now get to see weekly updates a day before everyone else. Chumps on the street will have to wait until Tuesday to read Bargain Bin, and Thursday to see Album of the Week, but you patricians will get to read them on Monday and Wednesday respectively. 

In addition, you'll get to read reviews two days early. So, a review for Sonic Mania will be going up on the main blog on Wednesday, the 6th, but my loyal patrons will get to read it today! Thank you again so much for sticking around, and I hope you enjoy today's Bargain Bin!