Patreon Updates - Tagging!
Hey guys, just letting you know about some new changes on Patreon. New profiles and tagging are being beta-tested, and I've been chosen to participate. So you might notice things looking a little different (hopefully better! I like it xD).


Posts are being updated periodically (I'm working my way through 2015 before I take a break xD) with tags! You can see all my tags by going to my main profile page and clicking on "Posts" under my top banner. On the left-hand side you'll see a list of tags/categories. Clicking on them will show you all the posts I've labeled with those tags. Hopefully that'll make searching and browsing MUCH better for you guys, I know I'm excited about it :D

I'm still not finished yet, there are hundreds of posts to go through and I have to do them all manually and one at a time. I've kept them pretty generic, but if you want me to make more specific ones, just let me know! :)

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