Patreon Updates & Live Darkroom
Hello all you beautiful creatures of the night,

Just wanted to let you know there have been some changes to reward tiers. Seeing as how YouTube has decided to be a thorn in my side worse than ever with content ID, I have eradicated the "Night Mind Council"  and its power to choose a mainstream media topic for each month. It's been weighing on me for awhile on what I should do about that.

Now, choosing a topic to cover is under a random chance drawing system available through the $15 tier and up, "Night Life Premiere." I no longer want to fight with myself all about whether or not the video selected by patrons gets to go on YouTube--that's just not working anymore.

Now, you can submit a topic of choice and, if I draw your name, you get that topic covered as long as I don't have any giant objections (and I doubt I will). If the video gets to be on YouTube for the general public, that's great. If it stays Patreon exclusive because YouTube wants to tell me to throw my video in a sewer grate, then forget about them--I'll make sure all patrons get to see that new video and it'll be an exclusive.

Darkroom sessions on Discord are entirely open to everyone, but only those donating $10 or more can use the text feature. If you're a $1 or $5, you can read the chat and listen in, but cannot speak or write. This change reflects the need to do right by the $10 group after the shakeup of the "Night Mind Council" thing.

The Storybook voting will begin once I open the floor to writing submissions. That needs to happen soon and will be done. Right now, I'm working on getting the first Night Mind Original made, so I'm a little busy. You'll get to see posts detailing the production in progress as a Night Life Member ($5) or above.

And that's about it for changes. The only other announcement is that the live recording of Darkroom for this month on Discord will take place this Friday, April 14th, right around 10:00 PM.

If you haven't connected your Patreon account to your Discord account yet, I highly advise it. 

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