Patreon video finished
I'm in the process of rendering probably the last version of Patreon video. You know the video that is inviting you to support me in my art-making. It's been pretty difficult to make it.

First thinking about how to structure it, writing some pointers and then realizing I need pretty much write the script. But then, once you have the script (precise sentences what you want to say) reading it in front of the camera doesn't make sense. It's just too formal and unnatural. Being non-native speaker means it's much harder to say exact words, actually learning them by heart is diffucult too, and then say everything like you would to an english-speaking friend. As you guys'n'gals are like my friends, right? A person giving me a $ for every video I make is definitely my friend! :)

But after number of iterations (analyze, synthesize, evaluate), it's pretty much done. And I'm happy with it. At this point, this is what I can do. I hope it will be useful for this community! And on the way of making it, I discovered some nice archival live footage, many of them for our Wanda & Nova deViator project with Maja. Perhaps I soon edit some of them together in an kind of a backflash remembrance of years of our electro-rockin the stages. It seems important to re-visit things you've done and reflect on the past and present to see the path to future, right?!