Patreon Week 13
I'm finally finished with Kamicon and MTAC commissions (hooray!) so I can get back to focusing on comic pages, at least for awhile. I'm also prepping for A2CAF, a kids and teens comic convention in Ann Arbor MI, and that means I'm organizing a new sketchbook ashcan. I'm going to document my process and hopefully release that as a video/blog post at some point, and hopefully I can focus on assembling books in InDesign.

May 8th: A Comic Artist's Guide to Fude Pens: (blog post, inking, fude pens)

May 9th: ArtSnacks V. SketchBox Basic May 2016: (unboxing, ArtSnacks, video)

May 10th: 1k Giveaway Winner Announcement: (video, contest)

May 12th: ArtSnacks May 2016 Overview: (ArtSnacks, demonstration)

May 14th: Tangerine Bombay Ink Demo: (April SketchBox item, demonstration, inking, video)