Patreon Week 14
Patreon Week 14

We've had A LOT Of issues with audio over the past few weeks, starting with my SketchBox unboxing videos and continuing to my Livestream videos, many of which are now edited and up, listed below. My editor is doing his best to get that sorted out, and I'm strongly considering adding a lavalier mic to my recording arsenal. I apologize for awful audio quality in any of the videos listed- we're doing our best to end those issues.

You guys have mentioned wanting more comic process content, and I've solicited a few guest posts to help deliver. I know you guys will enjoy Margueite Dabaie's process, it's pretty unique in terms of watercolor comic processes.

I spent last week putting together a couple sketchbook ashcans for 2016, which I'll make available to you guys as a thank you soon. I've also recorded a lot of desktop footage of a few digital processes, which will probably take forever to edit, but are definitely in the works.

Monday, May 16th: Guest Post: A Voyage to Panjikant, a graphic novel y Margueite Dabaie (blog post, guest post, comic process, watercolor)

Tuesday, May 17th: Sketching Warmup Demonstration- Livestream April: (video, demonstration, figure drawing, Livestream)

Wednesday, May 18th: Guest Post: Breakfast on a Cliff Process Post (blog post, comic process, guest post, commissioned guest post)

Thursday, May 19th: Inking Demo Livestream April 2016: (video, demonstration, inking, Livestream)

Friday, May 20th: Recommended Tools for the Aspiring Comic Artist (blog post, recommended comic tools)

Saturday, May 21st: Opaque Watercolor Painting Livestream April 2016: (video, painting, opaque watercolor, Livestream)

If it's ok with everyone, I plan on switching my livestream away from YouTube to UStream this month, because I am really disappointed with last month's video/audio quality. I'm thinking of doing it on Monday, May 30th from 7:00 PM-9:00PM CST. I'm going to do some software/hardware streaming tests this upcoming week to hopefully resolve some of those issues. If there's a topic or material you'd like to see me cover in the stream, or have any subject requests, please let me know ahead of time, so I can prep the necessary materials!