Patreon Week 28
Hey guys! Akaicon was last weekend, and while it wasn't a busy con for me, I think I picked up a touch of the con crud. Hopefully your weekend went a little better than mine did.

New this week:

Monday, August 29th: SketchBox V. ArtSnacks August Overview: (video, YouTube, ArtSnacks V SketchBox)

Sunday, August 28th: Watercolor Basics: Pick a Palette- Selecting the Paints for Your Needs: (blog post, watercolor basics, tutorial)

Marker Zombies: Bringing Back Dead Alcohol Markers: (YouTube, tutorial, alcohol markers)

Friday, August 26th: Let's Make a Mini Comic in Black and White: (YouTube, tutorial, comics)

Wednesday, August 24th: Watercolor Basics: All About that Paper: (blog post, watercolor basics, tutorial)

Sunday, August 21st: ArtSnacks V. SketchBox July 2016: (blog post, ArtSnacks Vs SketchBox, review)

Chibi Drawing Tutorial- Mermaid: (drawing tutorial, chibi art, YouTube)

And here are links to all posts currently in the Watercolor Basics series:


Why Watercolor:

Watercolor Terms You Should Know:

The Difference Between Watercolor for Illustration, Watercolor for Fine Art:

The Great Brush Off:

Materials You'll Need to Get Started:

All About That Paper:

Pick a Palette- Selecting Paints for your Needs:

I'm making plans to attend APE as an exhibitor this year, so fingers crossed on that. If you're in the San Jose area, and the table goes through, let me know and hopefully we can meet up at APE.

Other Cons This Year:

Handmade and Bound (Nashville): October 1st
APE (?) (San Jose): October 8-9
NOCAZfest (New Orleans): November 19th-20th