Hey there everyone!  It's time to get in our photo contest and critique for the $25+ subscribers and the editing session for the $50+ subscribers.  Are you ready?  I know I am...:)

**The Contest and Critique Review will be done on Monday November 28th at 10am Pacific.

**The Editing Review will be done Monday November 28th at 6pm Pacific.  This will be another special editing review where I'm going to show you guys some of the behind the scenes stuff from my Mia Bella Couture Fashion Commercial shoot that was truly out of this world.  It's one of my favorite shoots EVER.

As always both sessions will be recorded for you to view afterwards if you can't join us live.

So I'll see you all next Monday.  Invites and directions for the subscribers will be sent out as well.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone.  See you soon!