Patreon commission : Yian Garuga
A sketch commissioned by my other patron, the oh-so talented and clever in his choices, Mekamaned! He suggested that a Yian Garuga made in my style would be interesting. So I began thinking about that very peculiar wyvern, which is classified as a Bird Wyvern and looks a lot like a Pterosaur. For a Monster Hunter concept, which are among the most bullshitted of the whole video game universe, it was quite hard to figure what I should make of this. It flies, but the monstrous plates every wyvern carries as an armour totally forbid any kind of flight, the beast being too heavy to be lifted off ground. It looks like a Pterosaur, but pterosaurs are very awkward on ground, and cannot unleash the raw power of a charging wyvern, even if it is as frail as a Yian. So, the conclusion comes from itself : like I stated in an earlier Garchomp re-imagination, Wyverns diverged early from dinosaurs. The hands evolve into wings, just like it did earlier with pterosaur in the history of evolution and later with birds. The spiky plates have been replaced by big scales, and the spikes themselves turned into quills. The ears of the Yian were also a little bit challenging, but I had the illumination and found that the frill of the famous australian lizards werevery close to the structure of the "ears", and fold back in the same way. So, enjoy a Black and White sketch, offered to you by Mekamaned!
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