Patreons, Important! April Newsletter~
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your support this month. I sent a message regarding where I am going from here - but I will post this here for those of you who did not get it.

**********PLEASE don't forget to uncharge Patreon for next month! After both a mutual stream decision and being approached by Twitch last weekend about (yes, getting a commission button!) I decided it would be much more beneficial for all of us if I went that route - plus it would be MUCH easier this way!

So yes, I will be working with them to do commissions through Twitch! It is much easier than going through a 3rd party site for me as of right now and they will be open/closed at my discretion and you won't be charged every month. :)

I hope those of you who got their goodie bags last weekend enjoyed them! (suprisingly a few!) the rest are ready and will be sent on Monday. :) (Be sure you gave me your address if you qualified for the goodie bag or else I can't send!)  

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS EXPERIENCE  AVAILABLE. Because of you we finally can proceed with a cool option (since I figured out a cool hobby .-. <3)


- Florian E.

- Luc

- Jose A.

- Thomas H.

- Marc Z.

- Byron G.

- Erik G

- Matthew C.

- Matthew Crow

- Andrew H

- Eric T

- Pikacraft

- Joseph M.

- Maciej K.

- Travis

- Andrew C.

- Daniel T.

- Jan R.

To all of you who were eligable for the goodie bag - there is another gift included as a thank you for trying out Patreon with me. <3

- Love you all, thank you for everything!