Patreon's changes - fees patrons pay.
So creators seem to have only gotten a day in advance heads up on Patreon's decision (made before it seems anyone could feedback, without our knowledge and consent) to start adding fees to patron's pledges (in addition to the percentage they already take from the creators...)

I'm not very good at explaining things, but I have RT'd stuff about it on - and I will keep RT'ing helpful things. I did find a tweet with a link that allows you to send Patreon feedback directly :

I want to say two things :

1) Me & many other creators are against you guys having fees. I'm aware of no creator that had say/fore knowledge of this, and we barely got a heads up before the news hit you. It seems it will take effect Jan 2018...?

2) I understand entirely if the fees would make it too hard on you financially to continue being my patron. I will be looking at other donation avenues (that allow me a way to send you updates on what you're helping me create!)

I just ask you let me know, and speak directly to Patreon. I dunno if it'll do anything, but we can try. I've seen nothing but backlash about this choice, hopefully that will be heard.

I will try and keep my furaffinity updated with other ways to follow/support - funny enough, after going to MFF I've been thinking about merch again for personal art, as well as have plans to bundle this year's & previous years patreon stuff in PDFs (that won't be priced very high).

I'm so stressed out - the tax bill, healthcare changes, net neutrality - all things looming in my country's law system that could have dire consequences, and right in the month I've been feeling confident with Patreon's funding to figure out plans for next year they suddenly do this. It's just been a nightmare to be a small time creator this year, and I'm so angry that this gouging is being done to you now.